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Meet Judi​

Judi Williams: Esthetician, Yogini,

Balance Keeper, Wellness Coach

Staying true to myself and my craft allows me to help you feel beautiful inside and out.

My Philosophy

  • Balance! I eat organic, whole foods to fuel my body and I sneak in chocolate and ice cream once in a while to feed my soul.
  • Be kind to myself so I can be kind to others – daily meditation and yoga bring me peace of mind and body that translates into a nurturing, focused session for my clients.
  • Seek beauty and inspiration - Hiking Steep Ravine and walking on the beach makes me come alive, and dancing to my own inner rhythm makes me feel beautiful. Reading the words of great poets and experiencing fine art inspires me to sing and create beautiful flower arrangements. What makes you feel beautiful?

My Clients

I love helping my clients feel beautiful inside and out.

Whether this is your first visit or your fiftieth, your session starts before you walk in the door. I review your lifestyle, health, skin care history and notes from your last session so when you enter the salon door you are taken out of your busy day into a quiet hour or two of calm. Once inside, I guide you through a relaxing treatment with natural ingredients personalized for you and your skin and before you float out the door I make sure you have a skin care regime that complements your lifestyle and needs. 

My Experience

  • 35+ years of experience and a diverse background in skin care allow me to serve many types of skin conditions.
  • Licensed Esthetician degree from Redwood Empire Beauty School 1982.
  • Advanced training in three approaches to skin care: European, Clinical and Wholistic.
  • Clinical Training around acne and skin rejuvenation includes studies with Dr Fulton co-developer of Retin A ® and Glymed’s Christine Heathman.
  • Advanced Wholistic Training includes studies with skin care legend Eva Friederichs of Eva's Esthetics and Gabrielle Perret Johnson of Essensa Organics. As well as Vedic and Chinese 5 Element wellness theory.
  • Certified Somatic & Co Active Coach: Helping my skin care clients create simple strategies that fit their life style and gives them the results they care about is an additional benefit to every session. 

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