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Skin Care

I searched long and hard to find a natural, organic skin care line that cleans, purifies, tones and "feeds" your skin naturally. And when used overtime can clear Acne, Rosacea, and Pigmentation.

Essensa Provence Active Organics from the heart of Provence, France - the finest products available today for the overall health and beauty of your face and body naturally.

  • No synthetic aroma chemicals, artificial coloring agents, artificial preservatives, perfumes, animal testing, parabens or excess packaging.
  • Only natures own... organic fruits and grains, extra virgin veggie & nut oils, therapeutic grade essential oils...pure nourishment for your skin.

My Skin Buddy: There are a lot of facial cleaning devices out there, but none so genius as this LED light therapy Skin Buddy. It fights aging, targets acne and soothe redness. Break up with your brush! Add My Skin Buddy to your beauty care today.

Lash & Brow Care

GrandeLASH-MD and GradeBROW-MD

for Longer Lashes and Fuller Brows

GrandeLASH-MD is a blend of vitamins, peptides, and amino acids, this award-winning eyelash conditioner gives your lashes a fuller and thicker look. See results in 4 weeks and full results in 2 months.

GrandeBROW-MD is an eyebrow enhancing serum that promotes THICKER and FULLER looking brows within 6-8 weeks. Comes with an applicator brush specially designed to deliver product to the natural shape of your brow. Full results can be seen in 4 months.

Before/After Lashes:


Osmosis Protect Ultra Sheer SPF 30

This zinc based sunscreen offers sheer, long lasting coverage and is great for all skin tones and ages. Zinc Oxide has the best broad spectrum coverage of all currently available sunscreens.

Whether you’re planning on going out in the sun or going to the office, you’ll be protected and looking fabulous with this sheer, lightly hydrating, gluten free vegan formula.

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